Translators German English - Translation German English

In our team work translators with a university degree who undertake translations for the language combinations English – German and German – English. For, simply being able to speak a second language is not enough to be able to translate German – English professionally and at a high level. A translator should only translate into his/her own mother tongue and furthermore exclusively deal with his/her own specialized fields.

For example there are following special fields in which our English translators work:

  • English ↔ German translators for the automobile industry
  • English ↔ German for the field of law
  • English ↔ German for medicine
  • English ↔ German for marketing texts
  • English ↔ German for business correspondences
  • English ↔ German for homepage texts / web pages
  • English ↔ German for the pharmaceutical field
  • English ↔ German for engineering/customised engineering
  • English ↔ German for architecture

Our professional translators are specialised in translating numerous legal documents, business correspondences and technical documentation in various formats.

Apart from the language combination English – German  and German – English our team also incorporates native translators for other language combinations:

  • translators of  English/Polish – translators of Polish/English
  • translators of  English/Czech – translators of Czech/English
  • translators of English/Russian – translators of  Russian/English