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Our Projects

Following interesting orders were conducted by us:

„Wanderverein Wienerland (rambling club Wienerland)“

Wanderverein Wienerland Jakobs- und Marienpilgerweg Jakobs- und Marienpilgerweg

Here we undertook the translation of the book „Jakobs- und Marienpilgerweg“ - by Fritz Peterka from German to Czech. The book was then ceremoniously presented in the Czech centre Vienna

„Universität Lugano - Facoltà di Teologia di Lugano (University of Lugano)“

Universität Lugano - Facoltà di Teologia di Lugano

Here we processed the translation from Italian to German of the theological-legal book „L’identità laica dei cittadini europei: inconciliabile con il monismo islamico?” by Prof. Dr. Libero Gerosa.

„T-Mobile Mazedonien (T-Mobile Macedonia)“

T-Mobile Mazedonien

Here we undertook the organisation, translation and transcription of a commercial video for the target market Macedonia.

„SAMSUNG Electronics Austria GmbH“

T-Mobile Mazedonien

Here we translated texts from German into Albania which were intended for the Albanian sector.

„Burg Mauterndorf (Fortress Mauterndorf)“

Burg Mauterndorf

For the fortress museum Mauterndorf we conducted the translation of the audio guides from German to Dutch as well as organised the recordings in the sound studios.

„Tourismusregion Lofer (tourism region Lofer)“

Tourismusregion Lofer

Here we translated tourism texts into the following 27 languages, whereas each one was localised for the respective country and adapted accordingly.

„Universität Wien (University of Vienna)“

Universität Wien

Here we translated theological articles by Univ.-Prof. DDr. Ludger Müller, M.A. from French to German.

„Tourismusregion Hochsteiermark (tourism region Hochsteiermark)“

Universität Wien

Here we conducted translations for the tourism sector for the languages Italian, Spanish, Slovak and Czech.