Technical translation German English

Our translation office undertakes technical translations English/German and German/English for you in all fields of engineering.

Therefore online-English/German-translations are always possible for following areas:

  • technical translations English/German and German/English for electrical engineering
  • for architecture
  • for communications engineering
  • for loading technology
  • for road building
  • in the field of solar energy
  • of instruction manuals
  • in the area of alternative energies
  • for the automobile industry
  • of operating instructions
  • of power plant technology
  • of building and construction engineering
  • in the area of wind energy
  • in the area of reactor energy

All translations are done by native speakers of German or English, which furthermore have an excellent knowledge in technical terminology concerning all technical fields in order to provide you with high standard German/English and English/German translations.

The online-translations, which we process in our international English-translation office, meet the highest quality standards, meaning that exams are conducted in English which all English translators have to pass, before undertaking English-translations.