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Welcome to our international translation office!

We offer you translations for 150 languages of the world into approx. 800 different language combinations at attractive prices.

All translations are processed online. Your online-translation, which is done by a native speaker, will be sent to you promptly. Our standby service is staffed around the clock, therefore also urgent translation requests can be processed immediately.

Furthermore the online-translations will also be attended by lawyers, physicians, political scientists, philologists linguists, engineers and terminologists in order to be able to offer competent and prompt translations for all fields.

Therefore we can offer you for example:

  • Technical translations (e.g. operating instructions)
  • Medical translations and legal translations (translations of contracts,…)
  • Translations in the scientific
  • Translations of business correspondence
  • Translations of homepages/websites/web pages
  • Translations of advertisements/ marketing texts
  • Translations for the tourism sector
  • Certified translations valid for all states of the world à here we support you gladly concerning the processing of all official transactions
  • Proofreading department/editorial office of scientific papers
  • Palaeographical service – transcription of palaeography

Our translation services include:

  • Translation/sworn/certified translation German ↔Czech, German ↔ Slovak, German ↔ Polish. German ↔ Bulgarian, German ↔ Hungarian, German ↔ Rumanian / Moldovan, German ↔ Russian/Belorussian, German ↔ Estonian, German ↔ Latvian, German ↔ Lithuanian, German ↔ Ukrainian
  • Translation/sworn/certified translation German ↔English, German ↔ French, German ↔ Spanish, German↔ Portuguese, German↔ Italian, German↔ Dutch
  • Translation/sworn/certified translation German ↔ Swedish, German↔ Finnish, German↔ Norwegian, German↔ Danish, German↔ Icelandic
  • Translation/sworn/certified translation German ↔ Slovenian, German↔ Bosnian, German ↔ Serbian, German↔ Croatian, German↔ Montenegrin, German↔ Albanian, German↔ Macedonian
  • Translation/sworn/certified translation German ↔ Armenian, German↔ Arabic, German↔ Turkish, German↔ Persian/Farsi, German↔ Indian/Hindi, German ↔Urdu
  • Translation/sworn/certified translation German ↔ Chinese/ Mandarin, German↔ Japanese, German↔ Korean, German ↔Thai, German↔ Vietnamese, German↔ Indonesian

All requested language combinations are possible! All further languages of the world by request!

Trust in the long lasting experience and the success of an international global language company.